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La casa del Oso Oscuro

Some sort of indigenous angel, except his wings are made out of tv dinner trays

Michael Dark Bear
8 June 1976

I am an anomaly. Everyone seems to view me differently, and each person seems to see a different facet in the twisted, mangled mass that is my soul. For like a tree trunk, in which you can count the rings and see the scars, burns, and events in which that tree survived in life; I believe that you can view what has shaped me through the stories and memories that I have.

"There is a saying that no man has tasted the full flavour of life until he has known poverty, love and war. The justness of this reflection commends it to the lover of condensed philosophy. The three conditions embrace about all there is in life worth knowing. A surface thinker might deem that wealth should be added to the list. Not so. When a poor man finds a long-hidden quarter-dollar that has slipped through a rip into his vest lining, he sounds the pleasure of life with a deeper plummet than any millionaire can hope to cast." ~O Henry

We moved a lot when I was younger, and I myself have moved a bit since then. Doing so has given me a chance to meet and make friends, learn about cultures, faiths, and given me the opportunity to enlighten myself to all of the various passions that I now have. These passions have made me into a tall, sword-fighting, martial artist, with my own kind of faith, as well as a cultural renaissance man. Quite obviously I am stuck in the wrong time. I act, write, make my own art, as well as sing and play music. I teach fencing, have taught stage combat, and of course with skill such as this, have worked at Renaissance Festivals.

"You can pretend to be serious, you can't pretend to be witty." ~Sacha Guitry

I can be serious if I choose to, but I find that life is much more enjoyable if you use your wits and other gifts to enlighten others. So I bring joy to life, along with my brain crammed with far too much knowledge for my current or future Jeopardy needs. Humor is my favorite weapon, more so than any blade that glides naturally with my hand, my parents obviously fear about what I will do with my life, and I just like to live each day as if it were my last. I dress how I wish, no matter what trends may crop up, have seen more than my share of the good and bad side of society, and I don’t quite understand the fascination that people have with Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, or Britney Spears (who I have personally insulted.)

So chat with me if you like. I long for conversation.

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